Hi, it's the nickster.

Cosplayer, gamer, sun chaser.


Check out my cosplays, from all genres of pop culture.


What cosplay events do I attend?

    until my next event:CONQUEST PHILIPPINES 2023

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    Hi, it's the Nickster.

    G'day and kumusta! I am Nickster! Here’s your hard facts about me:Filipino by blood, Australian in heart.Australian headquarters in Sydney (Gadigal)
    Philippine headquarters in Quezon City
    IRL career: TransportHobbies: Cosplay, video games, photography, vlogging

    I attend conventions and cosplay events in both countries.Story time: I first discovered cosplay in 2013 during Supanova Expo Sydney 2013. On 14 February 2014 (yes, Valentine's Day), I declared cosplay my new hobby, with Danny Phantom as my first ever costume.I’m an occasional photographer. I’d do photoshoot for friends during my spare time.And I like to make videos! I make travel vlogs, do gaming livestreams, and would love to film CMVs.Not all people approve of my hobby. But this is all for fun. I don’t earn anything from it. It’s a hobby, a pastime, a stress relief. It’s my great escape from this hell called reality. And I prefer it that way. Just don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love!


    Arranged by order of debut from latest to earliest
    Click each photo to view full image


    Kamisato AyatoGenshin ImpactSummer casual
    Loid ForgerSpy x Family 
    Daiki AomineKuroko no BasukeTouou #5 jersey
    Taiga KagamiKuroko no BasukeFuture Careers AU


    Tartaglia (Childe)Genshin ImpactSummer
    ViperionMiraculousViperion (Kwami)
    Kamisato AyatoGenshin Impact 
    DilucGenshin Impact 
    Trey CloverTwisted WonderlandHeartslabyul uniform
    ZhongliGenshin Impact 
    AlbedoGenshin ImpactCasual


    Langa HasegawaSK8 The InfinityS (skate outfit)
    AlbedoGenshin Impact 
    Tartaglia (Childe)Genshin ImpactCasual
    Cater DiamondTwisted WonderlandHeartslabyul uniform
    Tartaglia (Childe)Genshin Impact 
    Tengen UzuiKimetsu no Yaiba 


    ProtagonistPersona 5School uniform
    Jyuto IrumaHypnosis Mic 


    Daiki AomineKuroko no BasukeVorpal Swords #5
    Taiga KagamiKuroko no Basukecasual
    Heshikiri HasebeTouken Ranbu 
    Taiga KagamiKuroko no BasukeVorpal Swords #10
    Ranmaru KurosakiUta no Prince-samaMy Only Prince
    Doppo KannonzakaHypnosis Mic 
    Ranmaru KurosakiUta no Prince-samaListening to Music
    MarkusDetroit: Become HumanUprising
    Taiga KagamiKuroko no BasukeSeirin Casual
    Samatoki AohitsugiHypnosis Mic 
    Hifumi IzanamiHypnosis Mic 
    White Blood CellCells at Work 
    Spider-Man NoirSpider-ManInto the Spider-Verse


    Taiga KagamiKuroko no BasukeSeririn #10 (Season 1)
    Hiro / Code:016Darling in the FranxxPlugsuit
    White Blood CellCells at Workcasual
    Tenya IidaBoku no Hero AcademiaUA High P.E. Uniform
    Hiro / Code:016Darling in the FranxxUniform
    Ryuji SakamotoPersona 5Dancing in Starlight
    YoRHa Unit 9SNieR:Automata 
    ProtagonistPersona 5Codename Joker


    Ryuji SakamotoPersona 5Codename: Skull
    Ryuji SakamotoPersona 5School uniform
    ProtagonistPersona 4School uniform
    Yosuke HanamuraPersona 4Dancing All Night
    Yosuke HanamuraPersona 4School uniform
    Kureto HiragiOwari no Seraph 
    Rick SanchezRick and Morty 
    Kazuma HashimotoCheer DanchiBreakers Uniform
    Professor OzpinRWBY 


    Haruki BandoCheer Danshi 
    Mark JeffersonLife is Strange 
    SparkPokemon Go 
    Kazuma SatouKonosuba 
    Guren IchinoseOwari no Seraph 
    McCreeOverwatchDefault skin
    Shinya HiragiOwari no Seraph 
    Yuichiro HyakuyaOwari no Seraph 
    Naoto TakayamaRail Wars 
    Raku IchijouNisekoi: False Love 


    Tobio KageyamaHaikyuu 
    Shoyo HinataHaikyuu 
    Jake LongThe American Dragon 
    Kyoya OotoriOuran High School Host Club 
    9th DoctorDoctor Who 
    Kei TakishimaSpecial A 
    Maou SadaoThe Devil is a Part-TimerMgRonalds


    Saito HajimeHakuoki 
    Keith ShadisAttack on Titan 
    Danny PhantomDanny PhantomHuman
    MakoThe Legend of KorraSeason 1
    Danny PhantomDanny PhantomGhost

    Upcoming Events

      CONQuest Philippines

      Weekend 2-4 June 2023
      SMX Pasay City (Metro Manila), Philippines

        Supanova Expo Sydney

        Weekend 17-18 June 2023
        Sydney Olympic Park (NSW), Australia

          Sydney Manga and Anime Show

          Weekend 1-2 July 2023
          ICC Sydney (NSW), Australia

            OZ Comic-Con Canberra

            Weekend 5-6 August 2023
            (Attending one day only)
            Exhibition Park in Canberra (ACT), Australia

              The Best of Anime

              Saturday 16 September 2023
              SMX Pasay City (Metro Manila), Philippines

                Cosplay Mania

                Weekend 30 Sep - 1 Oct 2023
                SMX Pasay City (Metro Manila), Philippines

                CONQUEST Festival 2023

                Weekend 2-4 June 2023
                SMX Pasay City (Metro Manila), Philippines

                  Who am I cosplaying

                  DAY 1

                  Hyoma Chigiri
                  Blue Lock
                  Blue Lock 11 #4

                  DAY 2

                  Trey Clover
                  Twisted Wonderland
                  Heartslabyul uniform

                  DAY 3

                  Ryuji Sakamoto
                  Persona 5
                  Shujin uniform


                  Q: Why did you suddenly decide to attend CONQuest 2023?
                  A: Three reasons:
                  (1) The guests (OfflineTV, Genshin VAs, etc).
                  (2) The mismanagement of Cosplay.ph on their events is making me think twice about attending Cosplay Mania in September.
                  (3) I wanna cos with friends.
                  Q: Are you all prepared?
                  A: Yes: Work leave, flights, the Nickster HQ Manila, CONQuest tickets. All ready.
                  Q: So last minute. isn't it expensive?
                  A: Eh, it's worth it. Enjoy life, enjoy hobbies. Life is short, you never know.
                  Q: Who are you cosplaying?
                  A: See lineup above

                  Supanova Pop Culture Expo Sydney 2023

                  17-18 June 2023
                  Sydney Olympic Park
                  NSW Australia

                    Who am I cosplaying

                    DAY 1

                    Trey Clover
                    Twisted Wonderland
                    Heartslabyul uniform

                    DAY 2

                    Hyoma Chigiri
                    Blue Lock
                    Blue Lock 11 #4


                    Q: Why are you still attending Supanova events? Need I remind you of what happened in SydNova 2021.
                    A: Despite the SydNova 2021 incident, I'm giving them one more chance. Hey Supanova, don't mess up!
                    Read my full statement on SydNova 2021 incident
                    Q: You lobbycon'ed last year. Will you do it again this year?
                    A: Depends. Things to consider: what to see inside, how long I'm gonna stay inside, how many friends are inside, and if it's worth buying a ticket.
                    Q: Who are you cosplaying?
                    A: See lineup above

                    Sydney Manga and Anime Show

                    1-2 July 2023
                    ICC Sydney Australia

                      Who am I cosplaying

                      DAY 1

                      Genshin Impact

                      DAY 2

                      TO BE ANNOUNCED

                      Cosplay Mania

                      30 September - 1 October 2023
                      SMX Pasay City (Metro Manila), Philippines

                        Who am I cosplaying

                        DAY 1

                        TO BE ANNOUNCED

                        DAY 2

                        TO BE ANNOUNCED

                        Nickster's Message about Cosplay.ph and Cosplay Mania 2023

                        I’ve heard about what happened during Cosplay Carnival 2023.
                        They never learn, do they?
                        I was a first-hand witness to Cosplay.ph’s mishandlings, beginning with CosMania 2017. Then CosMania 2018. Then CosMania 2019. Then CosCarn 2022.I’ll be in the Philippines during the same time as Cosplay Mania 2023.
                        I was planning to attend it, but all these things happened.
                        Since I'll be in the Philippines, I might as well attend Cosmania. (as if there's an alternative convention happening during my September vacation.) They have FanFes and ACX (anime & Cosplay eXpo) to prove themselves and correct their mistakes. If they don't improve, I might consider not attending Cosplay Mania.

                        Past Events

                        EventLocationEvent typeYears attended
                        Abbotsford Cosplay BBQAU/SydneyEvent2014 (2nd), 2015 (1st & 2nd), 2016 (2nd)
                        Auburn Hanami (Sakura) FestivalAU/SydneyEvent2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2022
                        The Best of AnimePH/ManilaConvention2017 2018 2019
                        Comic GongAU/WollongongEvent2015
                        CONQuest FestivalPH/ManilaConvention2023
                        Cosplay CarnivalPH/ManilaConvention2017 2019 2022
                        Cosplay ManiaPH/ManilaConvention2017 2018 2019
                        EB Games Expo (discontinued)AU/SydneyConvention2016
                        Free Comic Book DayAU/SydneyEvent2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2023
                        GX Australia (discontinued)AU/SydneyConvention2017
                        Madman Anime Festival (discontinued)AU/SydneyConvention2019 2020
                        Matsuri FestivalAU/SydneyEvent2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019(Parramatta) 2019(Chatswood) 2019(Darling Hbr)
                        Otasuke Cosplay FestivalPH/ManilaConvention2022(April)
                        OZ Comic-ConAU/SydneyConvention2014 2015 2016 2021 2022
                        Ozine FestPH/ManilaConvention2017 2018 2019 2023(Summer Feb)
                        PAX AustraliaAU/MelbourneConvention2022
                        PopCon (discontinued)AU/SydneyEvent2016 (5 of 12 months, treated as one (1) event)
                        RTX Australia (discontinued)AU/SydneyConvention2017 2018
                        Supanova ExpoAU/SydneyConvention2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2021 2022
                        Supanova ExpoAU/MelbourneConvention2014 2022
                        Supanova ExpoAU/Gold CoastConvention2014
                        Sydney Manga and Anime ShowAU/SydneyConvention2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2022

                        Cosplay Vlogs

                        PAX Australia 2022

                        Cosplay Carnival 2022

                        More videos available on my Facebook page


                        This is a list of photographers I've worked with and I'm crediting to some of my photos:

                        PhotographerLocationWorked with at
                        Abdul HilaliAustraliaCosplay event
                        RC Opigal (Acie's Place)PhilippinesCosplay event
                        Alejandro CuPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Arsene Imagery / Studio ScarlitaPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Blooloon Cosplay PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Byte Size PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Cosplay Network PHPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Cursed Gear PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Dark Age PhotographyAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Dark Storm CosplayAustraliaCosplay event
                        David PhanAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Digital Amethyst CosplayAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Donnie AiPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Doofy DoesAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Excalibur Pictures / MLPSAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        F.R. PhotographyAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Fairy LensAustraliaCosplay event
                        Francis LumahanPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Gany.jpgAustraliaCosplay event
                        Global CosplayAustraliaCosplay event
                        GokiPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Guntography/MuranagiPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Hoon PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        James OhAustraliaCosplay event
                        Japhotography / Japan CandyPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Jeff AdiAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Jonelle Reamico / Ninja Media PHPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Joseph YC Kwan PhotographyAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Ko-Ecks / Ecko DizonPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        KomocoAustraliaCosplay event
                        Kregg LanzAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        L.O. PhotographyPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        LambografiaPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Linda HoangAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        LS PhotoPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Magic Ways MultimediaPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Matt Hudson (Apoapsis)AustraliaCosplay event
                        MelkTAustraliaCosplay event
                        Mickey JulianPhilippinesCosplay event
                        MusokaAustraliaCosplay event
                        Nelson QiuAustraliaCosplay event
                        Never Free DollsAustraliaCosplay event
                        Norman KoAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Obzcura's SanctumPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Orion PhotographyAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Pef DecenaPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        RakuiAustraliaCosplay event
                        Ranjiv RanigaAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Real Image ProductionsPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        RektCreationAustraliaCosplay event
                        Renz MacailingPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Rico's PhotographyPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Roman George PhotographyPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Royal Wonderland / Ron dela CruzPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        Shuai ZhengAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Sight FX PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Stagelight StudiosAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        Takushima CosmographyPhilippinesPhotoshoot
                        The Valiant KnightAustraliaCosplay event
                        Thomas CollinsAustraliaPhotoshoot
                        TinChauAustraliaCosplay event
                        TooShy PhotographsAustraliaCosplay event
                        TotodalePhilippinesCosplay event
                        Twelve Points PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Wan-Nyan MultimediaPhilippinesCosplay event
                        WhatsAGeekPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Willord OrdonaPhilippinesCosplay event
                        WujiPhilippinesCosplay event
                        Wulf PhotographyAustraliaCosplay event
                        Yaz PhotographyAustraliaPhotoshoot

                        Currently in the process of adding links to their social media

                        Cosplayer Collaborations

                        This is a list of cosplayers I've worked with on photoshoots, event cosgroups, and other projects:

                        Persona 5 Cosplay group, CONQuest 202306/2023PH/ManilaRenn, Ellie, Karlonne, Amber
                        Blue Lock (Blue Lock 11) Cosplay group, CONQuest 202306/2023PH/ManilaRenn, Akiyo, Berri Bleary, Magsu
                        Genshin Impact (Inazuma) (Summer) photoshoot05/2023AU/SydneyLeeanne, Daniel, Eri, Brian, Teddy, Nana, Ren, Setsu, Naj, Shelley, Nicole, Adam, AJ
                        Kuroko no Basuke Future Careers AU Photoshoot02/2023PH/ManilaRenn, Akiyo, Akira, Magsu, Koukina, Gerlind, Yuri
                        Genshin Impact (ChiLumi) Photoshoot02/2023PH/ManilaAztru Nom
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) Photoshoot02/2023PH/ManilaJack Spade, Eiri Mina
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) photoshoot, PAX Australia 202210/2022AU/MelbourneMon, Prawn Girl, Josh
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) CG, PAX Australia 202210/2022AU/MelbourneMon, Prawn Girl, Josh, Millie, Shelley, AJ
                        Genshin Impact (DCKZ) CG, OZCC Syd 202209/2022AU/SydneyLeeanne, Daniel, Umer
                        Genshin Impact (Inazuma) CG, SMASH 202207/2022AU/SydneyLeeanne, Daniel, Shelley, AJ, Nicole, Brian, Plum, Naj, Lisa
                        Genshin Impact (ChiLi & Diluc) photoshoot05/2022PH/ManilaRenn, Akiyo
                        Kuroko no Basuke (Casual) photoshoot05/2022PH/ManilaRenn, Akiyo, Korin, Miki
                        Twisted Wonderland CG, Cosplay Carnival 202204/2022PH/ManilaRenn, Korin, Jack Spade, Cyne Burg
                        Genshin Impact (Liyue) Photoshoot02/2022AU/SydneyLeeanne, Daniel, Eri
                        Genshin Impact (Casual) Photoshoot01/2022AU/SydneyLisa, Skye, Daniel, Paola
                        Genshin Impact Photoshoot12/2021AU/SydneyLeeanne, David T, Eri, Valentine, Lisa, Knaix, Ren
                        Genshin Impact (Casual) Photoshoot12/2021AU/SydneyLeeanne, David T, Umer
                        Genshin Impact meetup, OZCC Sydney 202112/2021AU/SydneyMultiple
                        Genshin Impact meetup, Supanova Sydney 202106/2021AU/SydneyMultiple
                        Cells at Work COVID-19 Safety Campaign video2020ONLINEDianne, Meru, Heart, Migui, Nessie, Therese, Heron Jayson, Dranzer
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) Photoshoot03/2020AU/SydneyAndrea, Neo, Rakui, Lisa, Declan, Rinne, Caitlin
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) CG, MadFest Sydney 202003/2020AU/SydneyAndrea, Shannon, Rakui, Lisa, Declan, Rinne, Caitlin
                        Owari no Seraph photoshoot10/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Keane, Jeff, Sharmaine, Tommy, Robert, Esther
                        Kuroko no Basuke (Vorpal Swords) photoshoot10/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Akiyo, Keane, Akira, Dhone, Diabolica
                        Kuroko no Basuke (Vorpal Swords) CG, Cosplay Mania 201909/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Deucasta, Virline, Akira, Dhone, Jeff
                        Owari no Seraph CG, The Best of Anime 201909/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Keane, Sharmaine, Heart, Amber, Jordan, Gaz
                        Uta no Prince-Sama (My Only Prince) CG, The Best of Anime 201909/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Amber
                        Detroit Become Human CG, Supanova Expo Sydney 201906/2019AU/SydneyVinh, Destanie, Lisa, Declan, Yaseen
                        Persona 5 CG, Supanova Expo Sydney 201906/2019AU/SydneyXayah, Declan, Rakui, Komoco, Lisa, Caitlin, Ricky, Rinne
                        Cells at Work CG, Ozine Fest 201904/2019PH/ManilaCherrylyn, Dominique, Aisaka, Omar, Jhenselle
                        Hypnosis Mic (MAD TRIGGER CREW) CG, Ozine Fest 201904/2019PH/ManilaIan, Elijah, Watti
                        Owari no Seraph photoshoot03/2019PH/ManilaJeff, Karl, Rojanee, Ezra, Carlo, Robbie, Wei Wei, Lury
                        Hypnosis Mic (Matenrou) CG, Cosplay Carnival 201903/2019PH/ManilaRenn, Amber
                        Cells at Work CG, MadFest Sydney 201903/2019AU/SydneyLisa, Madi, Khema, Thanh, David T, Declan, Chiyo, Todd
                        Spider-Verse photoshoot01/2019AU/SydneyLisa, Declan, Dylan
                        Owari no Seraph photoshoot10/2018PH/ManilaRizze, Karl, Elly, Rojanne, Ezra, Ma-e, Robbie, James Joseph
                        Owari no Seraph CG, Supanova Expo Sydney 201806/2018AU/SydneyEmilia, Gabriella, Georgia, David P, Lisa, Rinne, Declan
                        Persona 4 CG, Supanova Expo Sydney 201806/2018AU/SydneyCharles, Deucasta, Tahlia, Declan, Lisa
                        Persona 5 CG, Ozine Fest 201804/2018PH/ManilaRenn, Avery, Neil, Caitlin, Pooks
                        Owari no Seraph photoshoot03/2018AU/SydneyRinne, Lisa, Declan, David P, Britteny
                        Persona 5 (Phantom Thieves) photoshoot10/2017PH/ManilaVinni, Gaz, Paris, Patricia, Alaine, CU, Lyss
                        Persona 5 CG, Cosplay Mania 201710/2017PH/ManilaRenn, Justin, Avery, Lyss
                        Persona (all series) meetup, SMASH 201707/2017AU/SydneyMultiple
                        Owari no Seraph CG, Supanova Expo Sydney 201706/2017AU/SydneyDavid, Britteny, Destanie, Carmel, Valentina, Georgia, Sandra, Alessia


                        This is a list of organizations / projects I'm affiliated with.

                        Pinoy Cosplay Podcast

                        Pinoy Cosplay Podcast is a cosplay podcast and media organization based in the Philippines, aimed at bringing people together through our love of anime, cosplay, and J-pop culture!For more information, check out our website here.Nickster holds executive roles in the organization, as its Marketing and Technical Officer, in addition to being a Host.

                        OTACUTE PH & OTASUKE

                        Nickster is proud to be an Ambassador for OtaCute Ph and the Otasuke Cosplay Community App, an app where cosplayers all over the world can share photos and earn happiness points!Find more about Otasuke here.


                        No announcements.

                        Nickster's Statement on Supanova Expo Sydney 2021 and future Supanova events

                        Hi all.So back in 2021, Supanova Expo Sydney 2021 caused a lot of drama, when amongst the exhibitors was one trader who sold politically and historically offensive merchandise, causing distress to attendees and members of Sydney's cosplay community. Even the founder himself has, at times, exhibited and promoted similarly offensive ideals through his social media.Amid the backlash, Supanova management apparently "stood down" the founder and made changes to the organization. The founder may have relinquished his day-to-day operational roles, but he still benefits from revenues, remains associated with the management, and still has input on the running of the shows.I lobbycon'ed SydNova 2022. I stayed at Sydney Olympic Park outside the actual venue. My reason for showing up is FRIENDS, not the event itself. (Aaaaand I might have borrowed a wristband so I can sneak in and buy prints from my artist friends. After the 2021 incident, do you think I'll pay for a ticket?)But you know what? I'll give them another chance. Supanova, don't mess it up!I'll be attending SydNova 2023, in cosplay, but LOBBYCON. I won't be buying a ticket until Supanova proves that they deserve to get my full support.See you all soon.xoxo Nickster

                        COVID-19 Updates

                        There are no more COVID-19 restrictions, both in Australia and the Philippines.COVID-19 is still out there, but it's not as bad as before. Just practice proper hygiene, social distancing (if required), wearing a mask (if required), and grab that booster shot.